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SeattleLumin.com is Seattle’s supplier of electroluminesent wire (EL wire), and related products.

EL wire is a is a wire that glows brightly when a current is applied to it, and is available in a variety of bright colors. When turned on, the wires emit a glow reminescent of neon tubes. EL wire is indespensible for many decoration & illumination projects, and is extremely popular amongst the Burning Man crowd. It’s pretty, it’s glowy, and it’s easy & fun to work with.

Meet Mike, the guy behind SeattleLumin.com:  
Atop the Neverwas Haul

As a 15 year resident of Seattle and a 9 year citizen of Black Rock City, Mike still hasn’t had his fill of pulsing lights, thumping bass and towering flame. A 2007 vow to stop using disposible glow necklaces led Mike to organize a group buy in the summer of 2008 of EL wire and associated accessories with about a dozen fellow Seattle-area burners. He recognized a need for a local resource for EL wire & similar products for area artists & burners, and in early 2009 SeattleLumin.com was born.

Mike is committed to bringing the art and craft of EL wire to Seattle.