CoolNeon Arduino Shield

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This ardunio shield was created by Tully Gehen, and we’re proud to offer it for sale here at!

This controller really pushes EL wire technology forwards to the next level.

It has 10 individual channels, and you can have any combination of them on or off at any time.

The controller takes an external driver to provide the EL wire power, so you can select which driver fits your needs. Lengths of up to 300 feet are possible!

This controller requires an Ardunio or compatible microcontroller, to work. You will also need to provide the programming and the imagination to bring your project to life.

To select your driver, you’ll need to know how the maximum length of wire that your project will illuminate at any time. For example, if you have 10 lines each with 10 feet of wire attached, and if you’re never going to use more than 5 lines at a time, then you will need a driver that can illuminate up to 50 feet. The fish driver should be well suited to your needs.

In the above example, you could potentially light up all 10 lines at any one time. In this case then you will want to go with a driver that can illuminate 100 feet at a time.

Be sure to ask us if you have any further questions.

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