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Our Developer Shield was designed to give Arduino hobbyists instant interactive control over our Total Control Lighting. It’s turned out to be the perfect Arduino shield for countless other projects too.

Our Developer Shield includes 2 momentary buttons, 2 two-position switches, and 4 10K ohm potentiometers that can be configured as inputs to the Arduino.

A +5v DC power input cable with a 2.1mm jack is compatible with the wall-wart power supplies that we sell, which will power the Arduino as well as the lights. It also comes with our female waterproof 4-pin output connector for connecting directly to the Total Control Lighting pixel strands.

If you hold the Developer Shield so that the two-position switches are at the top and the potentiometers are at the bottom (upside-down in terms of the photo above), then going clockwise from upper-left the potentiometers connect to analog input pins 0. 1, 2, and 3. The momentary switches, moving from bottom to top, connect to digital pins 4 and 5. The 2 two-position switches from bottom to top connect to digital pins 6 and 7. When closed, the switches connect the pin to ground, so you should configure them to use the internal pull-up resistors.

Go to Chris de Vries’ site for code examples.

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