Long-length Sound Activated Driver

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The Long Length Sound Activated Driver can power 20- 50 feet of Cool Neon wire using 9 to 12 Volts. These drivers are a lot of fun at concerts and shows, where you can make your costume or a set piece or instrument pulse with the music!

Trying to light a shorter length of wire? Check out our Short-length Sound Activated Driver

A switch allows you to switch between sound activated mode and constant on mode, and a slider allows you to adjust the sensitivity to sound.

This driver can be powered by a 9 volt battery, or we recommend the 8AA battery cage for longer battery life and a brighter glow. You can also use an AC adapter, to eliminate batteries altogether.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of what’s required to make this driver react quickly to changing sound levels, it does not contain the circuitry that prevents damage to the driver if it is turned on without having any wire attached to it. Do not turn on this driver without wire attached to it, or you may damage the driver, and that’s just sad.

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