20 Foot High Bright Plug & Play Unit (2.5mm wire)

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Each 20 Foot Plug & Play Unit includes one 20 foot strand of EL Wire ready to plug into the Plug & Play driver of your choice. You can choose from these drivers to light your 20 foot segment of wire:

  • Sound activated driver
  • Fish driver
  • Fish driver with switch
  • 9 volt variable speed driver
  • Pipsqueak driver
  • Pocketpack driver
For an additional $3.00 you can select the Classic Pipsqueak Driver, which is dead silent and great for indoor uses or other projects where silence is important.
For an additional $15.00 you can select the BigBoy driver, which can drive up to 100 feet.

You can find detailed driver descriptions in ourĀ Long Length driver categories

Specify which driver and color you would like from the pull-down menu below. Just add batteries to any Plug & Play Unit, and you are good to glow! No soldering is required!

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Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, White


Sound activated driver, Fish driver, Fish driver with switch, 9 volt variable speed driver, Pipsqueak driver, Pocketpack driver