Cat-09 Two-Ten Channel Sequencer

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The Cat-09 sequences up to 10 separate pieces of Cool Neon wire 2- 45 feet in length. This sequencer comes with speed control, an on/off switch, & mode switch.

It is powered by 9- 14 Volts DC. We recommend using our 8 AA Battery Cage or a 12 Volt AC Power Supply with it.

It’s versatility is unmatched. It senses how many channels of Cool Neon wire your project is using (from 2 to 10) & automatically sequences them in a wide variety of patterns. Speed is continuously adjustable over a wide range A trigger switch can also be used to bump the sequencer to the next frame in the sequencer.

It comes with 10 Plug & Play connectors to connect to your EL wire and an instruction guide.

The instruction guide is also available as a PDF download

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