Electroluminescent 1 Meter Ribbon

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These ribbons bring a wide, flat band of glowing light to you project. Each ribbon is one meter (about 3 feet, 3 inches) long and just a bit under an inch wide. They put out a brilliant, even glow that’s unlike anything else. Each ribbon comes with a wire side connector that is soldered to one end, and a raw lead on the other that can be connected to other ribbons. Each ribbon is equivalent to about 40 feet of wire, so we suggest you use one of our Long-length drivers, such as the Fish Driver, Long Sound Driver, or Big Boy driver.

Notes: if you wish to cut a custom contour: With the connector pointing towards you with the illuminated size down you may cut the right side of the ribbon. You can cut very close to the electrode on the left but if you cut past i the ribbon will not light past this point. When soldering ribbon: there is a 4 pin connector, with a wire side connector cut the connector so both wires are equal length. Solder one wire to the 2 pins on the left side and the other wire to the right 2 pins.

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