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If this is your first time working with EL wire and are wondering where to begin, this kit is the perfect introduction!

With our Experimenter’s kit, you will learn how to solder up your own fabulous EL wire creations in no time! Everything that you will need to get started is included. NOTE: Due to ongoing unavailability, the EZStrip EL wire strippers are no longer included with this kit. For wire strippers, we recommend the Klein Tools Katapult, available from Home Depot & other retail stores, usually for about $25.00.

This kit includes everything you need to complete your first few EL wire projects (except the wire strippers mentioned above). The contents are:

1 Soldering Iron and stand
1 5 foot strand of 2.5mm EL wire
4 1 to 2 foot pieces of mixed EL wire
1 Plug and Play 2AA Hand Held Driver
1 Plug & Play Techno Flash Driver
1 Plug & Play AA Driver
2 AA Batteries
4 AAA Batteries
5 Plug and Play Wire side connectors
2 Plug and Play Driver side connectors
2 Plug and Play Y Connector
Heat Shrink Tubing
1 Razor Blade
Copper Foil Tape

Also includes extensive instructions on how to do your first solder joints.
A $50.00 value for $35.00!

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