Quieter Blue Fish Driver

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This Blue Fish Driver is quieter than most drivers. While it is normal all drivers make a high pitch hum the Blue Fish is able to run 2-35ft brightly with but at a lower volume. There is no on/off switch or blink modes, but it’s quieter operation more than makes up for it. And it’s BLUE!

These drivers have a 9-12-volt DC input & come with a 9 Volt battery cap and one Plug & Play connector set. They can also be powered off wall current using our AC Power Converter. Or, use our 8 AA Battery Pack to run your Fish Driver off of 8 AA batteries (12 Volts) instead of a 9 Volt battery, which will make your Cool Neon wire glow more brightly.

These drivers do not have a switch, making it excellent for dusty environments.

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