12 volt DC LED Rope light red/yellow – 100 meter (328 foot) spool

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Buy in bulk and save! These 100 meter spools of our red or yellow rope lighting are just what you need for your large projects! You can cut the rope lighting at the 1-meter cut marks. These aren’t your standard rope lights. These LED Rope lights are vibrantly bright! They’re a lot brighter than what you will find at big box stores. The Red is a deep vibrant red color that will fill an entire room. The yellow glows a sweet amber of a setting sun, quite beautiful. Each section consists of 1 meter (3 foot, 3 inch) sections. And no matter how long your piece is you will only need 12v DC. Each section has 36 LEDs that are each 13mm in diameter The light is viewable from all directions, but each of the LEDs project light in a single direction to illuminate specific areas. These rope lights create an attractive ambient glow without producing any heat. These rope lights bring the sense of warmth and beauty into any atmosphere using only a 12 volt current, so you can run them off a car battery or even an 8AA Battery Cage!

An excellent tutorial for working with rope lighting can be found at Order as many sections as you like, and they come as one continuous piece. You will need one 12 volt Rope Light Connector for each length.

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Weight 20 oz

Red, Yellow