8 AA Battery Cage

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This handy battery holder holds 8 AA batteries to deliver 12 volts of power to many of our EL wire drivers. The holder has a standard 9 volt battery cap so it can be used to power almost any of our 9-volt drivers, such as the Fish Drivers, the Big Boy Drivers and the Pipsqueak drivers.

This battery holder has a number of advantages over using standard 9 volt batteries. 12 volts makes for a brighter glow, the larger capacity means the glow lasts much longer, and 8 AA batteries cost significantly less than a single 9-volt battery.

Two issues to take into account is that the larger size and weight of the battery holder may make it unsuitable for more compact projects.

Use to power these drivers:

  • Fish Driver
  • Pipsqueak Driver
  • Classic Pipsqueak Driver
  • Large Strobing Driver
  • Low Frequency Driver
  • Cat09 10 Channel Sequencer
  • Big Boy Driver
  • Short-length Sound Activated Driver
  • Long-length Sound Activated Driver

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