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Our Plug & Play Quad-Connector allows a single driver to power 4 pieces of Cool Neon wire!

Plug in another and you can now power 7 pieces of Cool Neon wire. Plug in 5 quad-connectors and make 16 wires glow, plug in 50 Quad-connectors to make 160 wires glow, and so on, and so on

Use these to connect multiple colors, lengths, and diameters of Cool Neon wire to a single Driver. These connectors turn one output (driver side connector) into four! Lots of outputs, less bulk!

They are compatible with all of our plug and play connectors: wire side connectors, driver side connectors, extensions, and quad-connectors.

Quad connectors are super useful, you do not have to use all outputs. You don’t have at solder at all. And the lead wires in the Quad-connectors are out thinnest gauge found on any plug and play connector, cutting down on bulk even more!

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